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Which One Direction member are you?

Are you Harry the heartthrob? Maybe cheeky Niall or lovestruck Zayn? As This Is Us hits cinemas, take our 1D quiz to find out... logo
Published: Thursday, 29th August 2013 at 2:24 pm

Oh. Em. Gee. One Direction's film This Is Us hits UK cinemas today. But the question on everyone's lips (don't pretend it's not) is... which One Direction member are you?


Thankfully we are here with the answer. Quick! Take this quiz and find out...

When it comes to relationships…

a) Settling down doesn’t seem likely soon. One thing’s for sure though, the ladies all know you’re trouble when you walk in… Not that it seems to put them off.

b) You’re still on the look out for that perfect guitar-playing gal. Awww.

c) You’re a committed, dedicated type. And your squeeze has the diamond ring to prove it.

d) You’ve recently ended a long-term relationship, but you’re a bit of a serial monogamist and don’t like to be on your own for long.

e) The single life isn’t for you. You’re more often in a relationship than not.

When it comes to your hairdo of choice….

a) It’s your pride and joy. You say, the bigger and more windswept the better – and everyone follows your lead.

b) You reckon blond highlights are the way to go and you’re not afraid of messing about with hair products either…

c) Simple short back and sides, please. And perhaps a little stripe of color to keep it interesting.

d) You’ve tried it all, from a Bieber fringe to a close shave, but you’ve not quite settled on your trademark look.

e) Whether it’s up, down, to the left or to the right, it’s all about that sweep.

When it comes to social media…

a) You’ve got so many followers you don’t know what to do with them… So you share a lot of vine videos of yourself falling over and mucking around near toilets. Obviously.

b) You’re on Twitter every day, using lots of exclamation marks and posting pictures of your face. And, with one that pretty, why wouldn’t you?

c) You don’t live your life on social media, but when you do log on you’re a fan of the retweet and love posting pictures of your doodles.

d) You go on Twitter to share your day-to-day movements (and every now and again respond to those negative comments…) You looooove to hold dowwwwn those letterrrrrs too.

e) Your twitter feed is just one long list of happy exclamations and smiley faces. Siiiiiiick! :)

When it comes to the animal kingdom…

a) It’s not all rosy. People talk to you about their dead pets a lot and we’re not sure why. You also have an uneasy relationship with koala bears following a STD scare that we're sure you'd rather forget...

b) Forget fur, you’re more of a fish fan. Unless the furry thing is a giraffe. You can't get enough of those long necks.

c) You’re the owner of an extremely fluffy pup. And a well-trained one at that. It's all about performing those tricks.

d) You’re a dog person through and through.

e) If it's got feathers you're not going anywhere near it. Did someone watch The Birds as a child maybe?

When it comes to gossip…

a) It’s all about the girls (and older women) you may or may not have bedded, and the broken hearts you’ve left behind. That, and your relationship with a certain close male friend…

b) People want to know who you fancy and who might fancy you…

c) The word on the street is focused on diamond rings, wedding ceremonies and the oncoming pitter-patter of tiny feet.

d) Chitchat often returns to those angry outbursts that happen every now and again…

e) Your rivalry with fellow stars are what people talk about. That and your model girlfriend.

Mostly A’s: You’re Harry Styles

International sex god and hair-style trendsetter, you've left many with a broken heart. But your charm, cheeky grin and silly sense of humour is usually enough to mean there are no hard feelings.

Mostly B’s: You’re Niall Horan

A cheeky Irish chappie with bleach blond locks and an enthusiasm for giraffes, you're on the look out for a gal to call your own – and the papers are too.

Mostly C’s: You’re Zayn Malik

Newly engaged (to Little Mix's Perrie Edwards), you're ready to settle down with your fiance and your puppy. But that doesn't mean you're going to get all serious. You've still got a silly side.

Mostly D’s: You’re Liam Payne

Loyal boyfriend and hair-style chameleon, you let your temper get the better of you sometimes, but your fans know you're a softie at heart.

Mostly E’s: You’re Louis Tomlinson

Happy, laid-back and settled with your girlfriend, it seems you're pretty sorted. That is, as long as your hair stays swept to the side and you don't come face to face with any pigeons.

One Direction: This Is Us is in UK cinemas today



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