When is season 3 of Selling Sunset on Netflix? Which cast members will be returning?

A third season of the reality show has already been filmed.


A second season of Netflix reality series Selling Sunset recently debuted on the platform, once again exploring the lives of a group of high-end estate agents at the Oppenheim Group’s real estate brokerage firm.


And the good news for fans is that a third season was filmed before the world went into coronavirus lockdown and so new episodes will be on the way soon.

A teaser that aired at the end of the season two finale revealed a little of what we can expect to see in season three – and it looks like we can expect Chrishell’s divorce from This Is Us star Justin Hartley to feature prominently.

In the teaser, we see Chrishell tell Mary, “”I’m just kind of in shock with it all. It’s just a lot all at once because everyone in the whole world knows. I love him so much. He’s my best friend. Who do I talk to now?”

And Chrishell recently told ET Canada that she wasn’t looking forward to watching the episode, claiming, “I still had a month left of shooting when my personal life kind of exploded. It’s not a comfortable thing to live in front of everyone.”

It’s not just divorce we’ll be seeing in season three though, with a wedding also expected to feature in the run – Christine is tieing the knot with businessman Christian Richard, who was introduced in series 2.

Here’s everything we know about season three so far…

When is Selling Sunset season 3 out on Netflix?

Given there was over a year between the release of the first season and the second, you’d be forgiven for expecting a similar wait this time round – but the third season is actually coming around a whole lot sooner.

Netflix announced on May 22nd 2020 – the same day the second season was released – that a third season would arrive on Friday, August 7, 2020.

So if you’ve already binged your way through season two, you’ve only got a couple of months to wait for new episodes!

Selling Sunset season 3 trailer

There’s no sign of a trailer yet, but we’ll add one here as soon as it becomes available.

As for when the season three trailer might drop, the teaser for season two (see below) landed exactly two weeks before new episodes arrived on Netflix.

By that logic, you can expect a first look at season three around the 1st August.

Selling Sunset season 3 cast: Who’s returning?

Nothing has been confirmed – but we’d expect all of the regular Selling Sunset cast to be back for more, with the possibility of a few new faces added to the mix as well.

Given none of the cast members have announced that they will be departing the show, you can probably count on Christine, Chrishell, Mary, Maya, Heather, Davina, Amanza, Romain and the Oppenheims all returning.

How real is Selling Sunset?

Well… probably as real as TOWIE or Made in Chelsea.

Christine recently admitted that one of her recent storylines was faked during an interview with Holly and Phil on This Morning. While viewers thought we had witnessed her meet her future husband Christian for the first time, Christine admits that actually they had been dating for months before that scene was filmed.

“That was amped up a little, I’m not going to lie,” she said. “I actually met him through a girlfriend of mine, but Mary spun this story that he was a client. We were dating for three months and then we bought a house together, but television is fun.”


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