Meet the cast of BBC drama Dublin Murders

The BBC drama features Killian Scott, Sarah Greene, Conleth Hill and Tom Vaughan-Lawlor

Dublin Murders

Killian Scott and Sarah Greene lead the cast of Sarah Phelps’ new crime thriller Dublin Murders, drawn from Tana French’s internationally bestselling Dublin Murder Squad books.


Here are the characters you’ll meet – and the stars who play them:

Killian Scott plays Detective Rob Reilly

Killian Scott plays Rob in Dublin Murders

Who is Rob Reilly? An English detective who has moved to Dublin to join the murder team, partnering up with Detective Sarah Greene. Killian Scott says: “Rob is one of those characters entirely focused on his work to the detriment of everything else in his life. He’s obsessive yet also very talented.

“By virtue of this particular case both he and his partner Cassie begin to unravel, in the sense that a lot of regular boundaries are crossed, both personally and professionally. We also see how far people go to get what they perceive to be the truth. I would say that’s where Rob’s real fixation lies: it’s in the truth, which he pursues ruthlessly.”

What else has Killian Scott been in? The actor starred as Tommy in the TV series Love/Hate. Since then he has taken on the role of DI Eric Wardle in Strike, Augustus Dove in Ripper Street, and Dylan in Liam Neeson movie The Commuter.

Fun fact: Killian Scott was actually born Cillian Murphy, but changed his name to avoid confusion with the Peaky Blinders actor.

Sarah Greene plays Detective Cassie Maddox

Sarah Greene plays Cassie in Dublin Murders

Who is Cassie Maddox? As Sarah Greene puts it, “Cassie is the partner of Detective Rob. She’s quite a young detective for her ranking, and has risen pretty quickly because of a stint in undercover. She’s determined and headstrong and is also a very manipulative person, which is kind of integral to going undercover. It’s the toughest acting job you’ll do.

“Cassie knows who she is and has suffered a huge trauma in her past. So, there’s two sides of her personality and she is fighting with her darker side as the story evolves.”

What else has Sarah Greene been in? On the screen, she has played Hecate Pool in Penny Dreadful, Maxine Carlson in Ransom, and May Lacey in Rebellion. On the stage, she starred as Helen McCormick in West End and Broadway productions of The Cripple of Inishmaan – earning Olivier and Tony nominations.

Shereen Martin plays Sophie Miller

Shereen Martin plays Sophie Miller in Dublin Murders

Who is Sophie Miller? The team’s forensics expert.

What else has Shereen Martin been in? She starred as Kirsty Petrie in crime drama The Loch, and has also made appearances in The Feed, Blood, DCI Banks, and Midsomer Murders.

Peter McDonald plays Jonathan Devlin 

Peter McDonald plays Jonathan Devlin in Dublin Murders

Who is Jonathan Devlin? The father of a girl found murdered in the woods. The girl was a ballerina with a bright future ahead of her.

What else has Peter McDonald been in? Recent credits have included The Last Kingdom (as Brother Trew), Thirteen (as Mark White), and Finding Joy (as the voice of Canine Aidan). Peter McDonald has also appeared in The Stag, England Is Mine, No Offence, the TV series Titanic, and The Damned United.

Young Jonathan in Dublin Murders

Who plays Young Jonathan? Dublin Murders also introduces us to Young Jonathan, played by Daniel Brickenden. In 1985, he was one of the older teenagers who hung out in the woods.

Leah McNamara plays Rosalind Devlin

Leah McNamara plays Rosalind Devlin in Dublin Murders

Who is Rosalind Devlin? The murder victim’s older sister.

What else has Leah McNamara been in? The young actress is set to play Rachel in the upcoming BBC adaptation of Sally Rooney’s Normal People. Like many of the stars of Dublin Murders, she previously appeared in the TV series Vikings, playing Aud.

Kathy Monahan plays Margaret Devlin

Kathy Monahan plays Margaret Devlin in Dublin Murders

Who is Margaret Devlin? The murder victim’s mother. She is very unwell and needs Rosalind to look after her and the children.

What else has Kathy Monahan been in? She has played Eira in series six of the TV series Vikings, and Eva Tully in Red Rock.

Amy Macken plays Katy and Jessica Devlin

Amy Macken plays Katy and Jessica Devlin in Dublin Murders

Who is Katy Devlin? A talented local girl and ballet dancer who had just got into the Royal Ballet School. She was murdered, and her body was found in the woods on a stone altar.

Who is Jessica Devlin? Katy’s identical twin sister. She has a learning disability.

What else has Amy Macken been in? This is her first major TV role.

Tom Vaughan-Lawlor plays Frank 

Tom Vaughan Lawlor plays Frank in Dublin Murders

Who is Frank? According to Tom Vaughan-Lawlor, “Frank heads up all units within the undercover section of the Dublin Murder Team. His headquarters, or ‘his office’, is not on-site and doesn’t fall within the confines of the regular police infrastructure, as Frank is more of a hit-and-run kind of guy. He’s got an unmarked office somewhere in town that his informants and agents can drop in as and when.

“I would describe Frank as a renegade, and I suppose he is really an anarchic: he is irreverent and anti-establishment, and his moral code is ambiguous.”

What else has Tom Vaughan-Lawlor been in? Having made a brief appearance in the first series of Peaky Blinders as the character Byrne, Tom Vaughan-Lawlor has gone on to appear in The Secret Agent, Love/Hate (as Nidge), Trial of the Century, and Charlie. He also played Ebony Maw (one of the Children of Thanos) in the Avengers movies Endgame and Infinity War.

Moe Dunford plays Sam O’Neill

Moe Dunford plays Sam O'Neill in Dublin Murders

Who is Sam O’Neill? A member of the Dublin Murder Squad, described in the books as a “stocky, cheerful, unflappable guy”.

What else has Moe Dunford been in? He played Aethelwulf in the TV series Vikings, and Sam Dunbar in Striking Out.

Eugene O’Hare plays Detective Quigley

Eugene O'Hare plays Quigley in Dublin Murders

Who is Quigley? The “wacky” member of the Dublin Murder Squad.

What else has Eugene O’Hare been in? The actor previously played Constable Shanley in Death and Nightingales, and Aaron Monroe in The Fall.

Conleth Hill plays O’Kelly

Conleth Hill plays O'Kelly in Dublin Murders

Who is O’Kelly? The Superintendent of the Dublin Murder Squad.

What else has Conleth Hill been in? You may recognise Conleth Hill as Lord Varys from Game of Thrones. He’s also a critically-acclaimed, award-winning stage actor, but his screen credits include Hang Ups, Suits, Vienna Blood, and Salmon Fishing in the Yemen.

James Browne plays Shane Waters

James Browne plays Shane Waters in Dublin Murders

Who is Shane Waters? The bloke who’s been wandering around Knocknaree with a bucket of paint, daubing “HE RISES” on billboards about the new motorway.

What else has James Browne been in? Credits include Maze, The Quiet Hour, and Vikings.

Niall O'Brien plays Young Shane in Dublin Murders

Who plays “Young Shane”? Niall O’Brien plays the character in flashbacks to the 1980s. He appears to have been the “Adam” of his group of friends – struggling to keep up with the rest.

Barry O’Connor plays Cathal Mills

Barry O'Connor plays Cathal Mills in Dublin Murders

Who is Cathal Mills? Cathal works in property in Dublin, and his company is keen to build a motorway through the woods of Knocknaree.

What else has Barry O’Connor been in? The actor plays Liam Blake in German TV series Der Irland-Krimi, and has also appeared in Red Rock, Nightflyers, and Dani’s Castle.

David Thomas plays Young Cathal in Dublin Murders

Who plays “Young Cathal”? David Thomas plays the teens’ ringleader in flashbacks to the 1980s.

Carolyn Bracken plays Sandra Sculley

Carolyn Bracken plays Sandra Sculley

Who is Sandra Sculley? A cleaner at the ballet school.

What else has Carolyn Bracken been in? She’s had minor roles in Line of Duty, A Date for Mad Mary, and Storyland.

Aoife Fitzpatrick plays Young Sandra in Dublin Murders

Who plays “Young Sandra”? The younger version of the character is played by Aoife Fitzpatrick, a young Irish actress and recent drama school graduate. She used to date Jonathan Devlin.

Ericka Roe plays Alannah Shorey

Ericka Roe plays Alannah Shorey in Dublin Murders

Who is Alannah Shorey? In episode one, Cassie and Rob question Alannah about a criminal incident. Rob takes things a little too far – has he crossed a line?

What else has Ericka Roe been in? She’s made a handful of screen appearances, in movie The Comeback and TV series Taken Down.

Ned Dennehy plays Cooper

Ned Dennehy plays Cooper in Dublin Murders

Who is Cooper? The forensics guy.

What else has Ned Dennehy been in? The actor plays Uncle Charlie Strong in Peaky Blinders, and Hastur Duke of Hell in Good Omens. He was Ebeneezer Scrooge in Dickensian, and Father Etienne in Versailles.

Amelia Crowley plays Clare

Amelia Crowley plays Clare in Dublin Murders

Who is Clare? If you’ve seen episode one, you’ll know the truth: Clare is Rob’s real mother. She changed her identity after Rob (aka Adam Reilly) went missing in the woods with his friends. Now she is called “Clare Hogan” and works at a care home.

Alexandra Moen plays Simone Cameron

Alexandra Moen plays Simone Cameron in Dublin Murders

Who is Simone Cameron? Murdered child Katy Devlin was a talented ballet dancer, and was Simone’s protégé at her local ballet school. Now Simone is grieving for her student, and trying to provide comfort to Jessica and Rosalind.

Ian Kenny plays Phelan

Ian Kenny plays Phelan in Dublin Murders

Who is Phelan? A junior officer working with the murder squad. He is keen and eager to prove himself.

What else has Ian Kenny been in? He played the role of TJ Deegan in Fair City, and made an appearance in Solo: A Star Wars Story as Rebolt.

Jonny Holden plays Damien Donnelly 

Jonny Holden plays Damien Donnelly in Dublin Murders

Who is Damien Donnelly? A young man who works on the archaeological dig near where Katy’s body is found.

What else has Jonny Holden been in? Jonny Holden played Callum in the TV series Paula, and Patrick in Women on the Verge.

Michael D’Arcy plays Adam

Dublin Murders

Who is Adam? As Sarah Phelps puts it, “On a hot August afternoon in 1985, three friends, Peter, Jamie and Adam, ride their bikes into the thick, green, cathedral hush of Knocknaree woods. Only Adam is found. Peter and Jamie are never seen again.

“Not hide nor hair, no remains, no bones, no sign. Nothing. As if they were never there at all. As if some secret door in the woods opened and slammed shut again.

“And as for the one left behind, as for Adam, there is absolutely no memory at all of where his friends or what happened to him before he was found, alone and screaming in the deep, dark woods.”

What else has Michael D’Arcy been in? This is his first major role.

Niall Jordan plays Peter

Niall Jordan plays Peter in Dublin Murders

Who is Peter? One of the children who has gone missing in Knocknaree woods.

What else has Niall Jordan been in? This is his breakout role.

Ellie O’Halloran plays Jamie

Ellie O'Halloran plays Jamie in DUblin Murders

Who is Jamie? One of the children who has gone missing in Knocknaree woods.


What else has Ellie O’Halloran been in? The young actress actually made her feature film debut in Roddy Doyle’s Rosie (2018), opposite her Dublin Murders co-star Sarah Greene.