When is The Wall on TV? Who’s the host? How does the game show work? Will it be back for a second series?

EastEnders hard man Danny Dyer is swapping the Square for a studio in Poland

The Wall - Generics

Fans who spend their Saturday nights in waiting for Strictly Come Dancing are likely to have seen a trailer for The Wall, the frankly bizarre upcoming quiz show fronted by Danny Dyer.


The hugely popular programme, which originated in America and is now being shown in 25 countries, sees contestants work together to try and win a big money prize.

But the so-called wall is not all benevolent, with the four-storey high machine also capable of taking money away from our pairings. As Dyer warns us in the trailer: “The Wall gives…The Wall TAKES AWAY.”

Here is everything you need to know about The Wall…

What time is The Wall on TV?

The first of The Wall’s six episodes launched Saturday 12th October at 8.35pm on BBC One. At 55 minutes long, it’s a fairly meaty watch.

The episodes were filmed back to back in September this year in a studio in Warsaw, Poland.

Who is the host of The Wall?

Danny Dyer (Getty)

As mentioned previously, Danny Dyer is The Wall’s frontman – a departure from his usual hard man acting roles.

It’s as a big a surprise to Dyer as it is to us.

“I thought they were on drugs!” he said in a recent interview. “Really, you want me to do a gameshow, filmed in Poland? I was very confused by it all, to be honest. But I watched the American version and I thought you know what, let’s have a go…”

In another odd twist, Angela Rippon will be alongside Dyer – or at least, her voice will – to ask the questions of our contestants.

How does The Wall work?

Not dissimilar to ITV’s Tipping Point, The Wall sees contestants work in pairs as balls quickly fall through The Wall, which works like a penny machine in an arcade.

The balls then land in slots at the bottom representing different cash amounts – which can be added, or subtracted to their scores.

Will there be a second series of The Wall?

Having performed well in the ratings, even beating The X Factor: Celebrity a few times as the pair go head to head, we can see more of Dyer and Rippon after it was confirmed The Wall will return for series two.

“I can’t believe we’re doing another series of The Wall,” Dyer said. “I can’t wait to get stuck back in and meet these new contestants and hopefully make them very rich. Drop ’em!”

Kate Phillips, Controller of Entertainment Commissioning at BBC, added: “I know Danny and Angela had an absolute ball making series one of The Wall and it’s great to see how much BBC One viewers have enjoyed the ride. This wildly unpredictable format, or ‘nutty old show’ as Danny would say, has quickly become a Saturday night favourite for all ages, and I’m looking forward to more big drops, big shocks and big decisions in series two.”


The Wall airs Saturdays on BBC One