When is 63 Up on TV? What’s it about? Which members of the original line-up are taking part?

The groundbreaking documentary revisits the Seven Up! cast as they turn 63


Camera crews return to document the lives of the original ‘Seven Up!,’ a group of now 63-year-old adults who’ve been revisited by filmmaker Michael Apted every seven years since the age of seven.


Here’s everything you need to know about the award-winning series’ latest instalment, 63 Up.

When is 63 Up on TV?

63 Up airs nightly from Tuesday 4th – Thursday 6th June on ITV at 9pm.

The documentary Seven Up and Me, in which celebrities take a look back at their seven-year-old selves ahead of 63 Up, aired on Monday 3rd June on ITV . It is now available to watch on ITV Hub.

What is 63 Up about and who is on the show?

Inspired by the Jesuit saying, “Give me a child until he is seven and I will give you the man,” the groundbreaking documentary series from director Michael Apted returns every seven years to revisit a group of 14 people whose lives have been followed since they were seven.

The latest edition catches up with 12 of the original 1964 participants. Neither Suzy Lusk nor documentary maker Charles Furneaux have taken part, with the latter choosing not to appear since 21 Up.

In 2013, Lynn Johnson became the first of the original line-up to pass away, following a short illness.

Will this be the final entry in the groundbreaking ‘Up’ series?

In an interview with Radio Times, some of the participants discussed the possibility that the current series might be the last.

“Personally, and just speaking for myself, I am in a good place but things are going to get worse,” said Sue Davis. “You’re going to get sicker and older. Both my parents are with me so I’m thinking, ‘Another seven years, who knows? Am I going to be here, are they going to be here?’

“There’s an element that thinks this would be a good time to finish, but another part of me thinks seven till 70? It’s got a good ring.”

“‘Seven to 70 has got a good ring,” added cab driver Tony Walker. “[But] you have to look at Michael [Apted] who’s now 77. His tenacity, his talents would endorse another programme, providing all the same crew are still here. We’re not getting any younger, though…”

Apted added that filming Nick Hitchon, who has been diagnosed with cancer, was “extremely painful”.

“It’s like being faced with relatives or friends who pass away.

“And you think, ‘Is there something rather unseemly about rushing around and covering that?’ But I’ve never thought it was a reason not to do it.”


Is there a trailer for 63 Up?

Yes, you can watch it here: