Everything you need to know about Tin Star star series two

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Tin Star

“Tin star” refers to the sheriff’s badge, as worn by former London undercover police detective Jim Worth (Tim Roth) as he and his family begin their new life in the supposedly-sleepy town of Little Big Bear the edge of the Canadian Rockies.


Series one of the drama aired on Sky Atlantic in 2017, and has since broadcast on Channel 4.

And for existing fans, a second series is on the way!

Even better, you’ll be able to watch episode one of series two first and for free with RadioTimes.com from 24th January.

When is Tin Star back for series 2?

Sky Atlantic has now officially confirmed a launch date for series two of Tin Star, which will arrive on 24 January 2019.

The series will also kick off on 5 February on Three in New Zealand, and 19 February on BBC First in Australia.

The second series will again consist of ten episodes. Here’s a first-look clip…

What is Tin Star about?

Tin Star

In series one we met Jim Worth (Tim Roth), a former London detective beginning anew as police chief in the (fictional) idyllic town of Little Big Bear in the Canadian Rockies. He left behind his dangerous life as an undercover officer and his alter ego: Jack Devlin.

But Jim’s life was shattered by the opening of an oil refinery nearby, which heralded a wave of drugs, prostitution and organised crime in the town. By taking a stand, he unleashed a sequence of (extremely) bloody and tragic events that recalled his violent, alcoholic past as the line between hero and villain became increasingly blurred.

The drama also stars Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks as North Stream Oil PR Elizabeth Bradshaw, and Rogue One’s Genevieve O’Reilly as Jim’s wife Angela Worth. Abigail Lawrie plays daughter Anna Worth.

What will happen in Tin Star series 2?

Tin Star

After that explosive series one finale and its extremely high body count, Roth returns as the Canadian Police Chief as we head back to Little Big Bear.

According to Sky’s synopsis, “After being left destroyed by the chaos that had followed Jim and his alcoholic alter ego Jack Devlin from the UK, this new series picks up where we left our unlikely hero, cut off in the remote Rockies wilderness with his grieving and shell-shocked family struggling to come to terms with their ordeal.”

Tin Star

As she seeks refuge from her own parents, Jim’s daughter Anna is taken in by the God-fearing Nickel family – Pastor Johan (John Lynch) his wife Sarah (Anamaria Marinca) and daughter Rosa (Jenessa Grant) – and hidden with the Ammonites, a religious community close to Little Big Bear.

But this “peaceful” family is harbouring secrets of their own and “it’s not long before Anna is forced to seek her father’s help, as an altogether more hellish threat emerges.”


Is there a trailer for Tin Star series 2?

Yes! And it looks just as dark as you’d expect with Roth, Hendricks, O’Reilly and Worth all returning to the cast.

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