Luther fans heartbroken after a major character is killed off

Although some fans are convinced it's all a hoax – contains spoilers

Luther S5 (BBC, EH)

Luther fans were left devastated on Thursday night after a heroic Benny Silver, played by Michael Smiley, was killed off during the episode’s final scenes.


The hacker, who had been previously captured by gangster Cornelius, distracted an assassin holding Mark North (Paul McGann) at gun point by standing up and sacrificing himself instead.

“Leave him be, none of this is his fault,” Benny told the assassin, before describing the would-be killer’s appearance for the benefit of Luther (Idris Elba), who was listening in on the phone.

“Boss, I need you to kill this p***k for me,” he said. “White, six one, dark hair, brown eyes, muscular b—”.

However, Benny didn’t get to finish his sentence, as the assassin turned his gun on him, shooting Benny in the head and spraying Luther’s nemesis Alice (Ruth Wilson) in Benny’s blood.

Viewers took to social media to praise Benny for his final actions, dubbing him a “hero”.

“Is it acceptable to take the day off work to mourn Benny?,” one fan asked.

“NOT BENNY,” another fan posted on Twitter, before adding: “And now, we riot.”

The death came as a particular blow for fans still mourning the loss of Justin Ripley, shot dead by a vigilante killer in series three.

However, some viewers think that the nation’s collective mourning may be little premature…

“I’m calling it now…Benny is fine and the blood was from Alice shooting the hitman with the gun Luther gave her,” Lauren O’Kelly theorised.

Darren Haley agreed, suggesting that either Alice or Benny had shot the hitman with the gun Luther had previously given Alice.

What do you think? Is Benny still alive after all?


This article was originally published on 4 January 2019