Phillip Schofield: It would be a “miracle” if Gemma Collins made first Dancing on Ice live show

That’s the spirit, Phillip

Phillip Schofield, NTAs (Getty)

Dancing on Ice is skating back onto our screens in the New Year, with a hapless host of celebrities trying out deep freeze dancing in a bid to impress the judges – and viewers at home.


But Dancing on Ice host Phillip Schofield is openly doubtful whether one of this year’s contestants will even make it to the live shows – going as far to say it would be a “miracle” if we see TOWIE diva Gemma Collins take to the ice.

“I’ve said it to Gemma, ‘If you make the first show it’ll be a miracle’, and she does seem very committed,” the presenter explained to The Sun.

“We all know Gemma for being a bit of a quitter so I’m hoping she’ll be there for that first show.”

Dancing On Ice Gemma Collins (Getty)

TOWIE star Collins, or ‘The GC’ as she styles herself, does have an unfortunate history of walking out on reality shows – famously quitting I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! after just three days in 2014.

And she seems just as keen to prove her naysayers wrong in a glittering routine to none other than Beyoncé for the first show.

“This what the GC is all about: it’s about the drama, is she going to do it or isn’t she?” she told and other publications at the Dancing On Ice press day.

“I’m going to prove a lot of people wrong and that’s the best I can’t wait for. Hell yes, I’m ready.

Gemma Collins Dancing on Ice Press Day (Getty)

“I’m not here to take part, I’m here to take over.”

In fact, Collins is so convinced of her success on the show that she’s labelled herself the competition’s ‘dark horse’.

However, she added that she didn’t mind being labelled a diva, as it all makes for a more entertaining watch.

“It’s all pantomime, isn’t it. We’re just going to give you a great show. It adds to the fun.”

Looks like the Schofe may have to eat his words…


Dancing on Ice launches Sunday 6th January at 6pm on ITV

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