When is Channel 5 drama Blood on TV? Who is in the cast?

Channel 5's gripping Irish drama stars Line of Duty's Adrian Dunbar and Unforgotten's Carolina Main

Blood (Channel 5)

Channel 5’s original drama Blood looks set to usher in a new age for the channel post-Big Brother. It’s gripping stuff, following a young woman who returns home in West Meath, Ireland, after her mother’s sudden death — and becomes convinced that her dad murdered her.


Here’s everything you need to know.

What time is Blood on TV?

Blood starts on Channel 5 at 9pm on Monday 19th November, with a new episode airing each night during the week.

Who’s in the cast of Blood?

Adrian Dunbar as Jim Hogan

021_BLO_S01_E01_ Adrian Dunbar (Jim Hogan) (© 2018 Company Pictures
Adrian Dunbar (Jim Hogan)

Who does Adrian Dunbar play? Dunbar plays Jim Hogan, a local GP and father of three whose wife has recently died suddenly following an illness.

Where have I seen him before? Dunbar is best known for playing Superintendent Ted Hastings in BBC1’s Line of Duty. He’s also appeared in Ashes to Ashes and The Hollow Crown. He also co-wrote and starred in Hear My Song which was nominated for Best Original Screenplay at the Baftas.

Carolina Main plays Cat Hogan

Carolina Main (Cat Hogan)_© 2018 Company Pictures
Carolina Main (Cat Hogan)

Who does Carolina Main play? Carolina Main plays Jim’s daughter, Cat Hogan, who comes home from Dublin following her mother’s passing and suspects her father might have been involved in her death.

Where have I seen her before? Main has a recurring role as DC Fran Lingley in ITV’s Unforgotten, and has previously appeared in Grantchester.

Gráinne Keenan as Fiona

Gráinne Keenan (Fiona) (© 2018 Company Pictures
Gráinne Keenan (Fiona)

Who does Gráinne Keenan play? Keenan plays Fiona, one of Jim’s three children, alongside Cat and their brother, Michael.

Where have I seen her before? Keenan appeared in Black Mirror episode White Christmas, and has appeared in a number of TV series, including Titanic and Victoria.

Diarmuid Noyes plays Michael Hogan

Diarmuid Noyes(Michael Hogan)
Diarmuid Noyes(Michael Hogan)

Who does Diarmuid Noyes play? Noyes plays Cat’s brother and Kim’s son, Michael.

Where have I seen him before? Irish actor Noyes is perhaps best known for starring as future Pope Paul III, Alessandro Farnesse, in television series Borgia created by Emmy-winning writer Tom Fontana.

What’s Blood about?

The series begins with Cat Hogan driving home to West Meath from Dublin, following the news that her mother — who had been suffering from a long illness — has died, after falling over and striking her head against a rock at the family home.

It soon becomes clear that Cat has a difficult relationship at best with her father, Jim, a local GP and a pillar of the small community. Flashbacks to a mysterious event from Cat’s childhood form the basis of her — and the audience’s — growing conviction that Jim killed her mum, and staged the tragic accident.


Is there a trailer for Blood?

There is — you can watch it below.