Hugh Bonneville reprises W1A’s Ian Fletcher to explain BBC Sounds

Jason Watkins also returned as Director of Strategic Governance


After the launch of the new BBC Sounds app – home to the broadcaster’s radio content – people had plenty of questions. Well, just one really: what on earth is it?


Fortunately, Hugh Bonneville brilliantly answered that question as his character Ian Fletcher, BBC Head of Values in BBC comedy W1A.

After comedian Jenny Eclair asked about the app and its difference with BBC Radio on Twitter, Bonneville took up a suggestion from another user who suggested Fletcher would know.

Effortlessly slipping into character, Bonneville gave a perfect W1A answer. (Granted this was a few days ago now, but it’s too good to miss).

Even Jason Watkins, who played Director of Strategic Governance Simon Harwood in the BBC self-spoof, joined in.


If ever there was a time for an Emergency Damage Limitation Meeting, it’s now.

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