Vanity Fair viewers were desperate to see Dobbin and Amelia get together in the series finale

The Gwyneth Hughes drama left viewers on tenterhooks until the final minutes

Dobbin and Amelia, Vanity Fair (ITV)

There was only one question viewers wanted answered during the Vanity Fair finale: would lovestruck Captain Dobbin finally confess his love for Amelia, the widow of his best friend George?


The show’s writer Gwyneth Hughes kept us guessing about the couple’s fate until the final minutes, with viewers left on tenterhooks after Amelia (Claudia Jessie) sent Dobbin (Johnny Flynn) away when he questioned her renewed friendship with Becky Sharp (played by Olivia Cooke).

The couple had an argument, in which Dobbin told Amelia his 13-year love for her was finished, before apparently leaving to set sail for India.

But when Becky later produced the treacherous letter George had sent to her before his death, Amelia confessed that she knew all along that her husband was never as perfect as she imagined — and that she had already written to Dobbin to tell him so after a change of heart.

Would he return? Viewers were left biting their nails as Amelia and her son waited on the dockside.

Of course, Dobbin sailed into view through the mist, before embracing Amelia — and warming viewers’ hearts in the process.

JOHNNY FLYNN as William Dobbin (ITV)
JOHNNY FLYNN as William Dobbin (ITV)

“So glad Dobbin got his happily ever after,” one Twitter user wrote.

All in all, it was a fitting end to Vanity Fair, which will not return to ITV after having followed the events of the book to their conclusion.


This article was originally published on 8 October 2018