How to vote on The X Factor 2018

What phone numbers do you need to call? And how do you download the app?

The X Factor judges 2018

How do I vote on The X Factor 2018?

You won’t get the chance to have your say on the show until after the audition stage.


And as The X Factor hasn’t yet released details of its live shows, we don’t yet know exactly how the voting will work or what kind of sing-offs to expect.

However, you can expect to vote by calling from a mobile, a landline or via The X Factor app.

How do I get The X Factor app?

The free app is available to download on both iOS and Android devices. You can get the iOS app here and the Android app here.

What is the number to call for The X Factor?

The numbers for the 2018 series haven’t yet been announced but watch this space.

How long is the vote on The X Factor open for?

It could vary. During the live Saturday shows last year, the vote was open for roughly 12 to 14 minutes, whilst on Sunday night the window was a lot smaller – from about four to five minutes.


The X Factor airs Saturdays and Sundays on ITV at 8pm

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