The Circle contestants clash after voting for “snakiest” contestant

"Don't babe me, babe"

Freddie, Alex/Kate, The Circle (C4, EH)

As is inevitable with all reality TV shows, The Circle has served up its first big fight – between Freddie and Kate.


The fall-out was sparked by a group game during Wednesday night’s episode where all the players could find out what their fellow contestants thought of them. A clear recipe for disaster.

Contestants had to vote for people in The Circle based on how sexy, annoying and snakey* they thought they were.

(*Snakey is a term popularised by Love Island to describe someone who is deceitful.)

Newbies Scotty and Hannah were crowned sexiest man and woman, but Freddie (who is gay but pretending to be straight) could not wait for a chance to lay into Kate, saying: “Without a shadow of a doubt, this is the easiest question I’ve had to do. She is so opinion-less it is an absolute f***ing joke…

“She’s a two-faced b****, she’s playing too much of a nice girl, she’s fake.”

Kate (who is actually a man named Alex) ended up getting a triple whammy and was named most annoying, snakiest and the least sexy woman.

The results were revealed and, lo and behold, it all kicked off when Genelle brought up the fact that Freddie had wanted to boot Kate out during the last blocking.

All chaos ensued as Freddie slammed Kate for being boring and in retaliation Kate suggested she was saving her interesting conversation for someone more worthwhile.

Then the unthinkable happened – Kate called Freddie “babe”.

This faux-pas led to the most meme-able quote of the series to date from Freddie: “Don’t babe me, babe.”



The Circle continues weeknights at 10pm on Channel 4