Black Mirror film Bandersnatch has an amazing Easter egg hidden in a secret ending

There’s even more to Bandersnatch than we first thought

Pictured - Fionn Whitehead during one of Bandersnatch's

**This article contains spoilers for Bandersnatch**


Charlie Brooker surprise-dropped Black Mirror: Bandersnatch on Netflix earlier this week – and left us lamenting our choices in cereal.

With a variety of narratives and endings, the film allows viewers to direct central character Stefan’s decisions, and create their own version of the story (the average time it takes to watch the feature-length episode is reportedly around 90 minutes – which can be cut to 40 if you avoid re-dos).

However, when you finally make it to the/a conclusion of the epic ‘choose-your-own-adventure’ special, there’s another ‘secret’ ending, which plays after the end credits – very much in the style of a Marvel movie – and if the clues are followed correctly it can lead you to yet more Black Mirror goodness…

Credit: Netflix / Black Mirror
Credit: Netflix / Black Mirror

In this secret scene, Stefan (played by Fionn Whitehead) pulls out a copy of his game, Bandersnatch, instead of one of the original tapes you are made to choose from in WH Smiths.

The series of strange noises you hear subsequently have been identified by knowledgable Black Mirror fans as the data for a ZX Spectrum game, and when run through an emulator can be turned into a QR code.

Scan the code, and you are linked to a website filled with reams of Easter eggs relating to other Black Mirror episodes, including the ratings app from Nosedive.

You can even download the ‘Nohzdyve’ game that is sampled in Bandersnatch if you have a ZX Spectrum emulator.

While Bandersnatch is being hailed for its groundbreaking use of different endings, Brooker initially told Netflix there was “no f***ing way” he wanted to make an interactive version of Black Mirror for the website.

Co-creator Annabel Jones added to Variety, “ To me, they always seemed a bit gimmicky.”

However, the pair quickly changed their mind after they came up with Bandersnatch, which wouldn’t work unless told interactively.

“At that point, it was pretty simple,” Brooker said. Although the less technically minded among us might not quite agree.


Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is available to stream on Netflix

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