11 tweets which perfectly sum up the stress of watching Black Mirror’s Bandersnatch

“I had to pause it and watch cartoons for a bit”

Black Mirror Bandersnatch

After a year of waiting for more Black Mirror, creator Charlie Brooker heard our cry and gave us the best Christmas gift of all – a feature-length interactive episode.


But despite the trailer featuring Frankie Goes to Hollywood, the ‘choose your own adventure’ episode is not letting anyone feel relaxed.

Black Mirror fans have naturally flocked to Twitter to report on just how stressful it is to basically direct your own episode of Black Mirror, struggling with the variety of choices which often lead to a series of unfortunate endings for the characters.

And it seemed even the most simple choices, such as which cereal you chose to eat, lead to meltdowns among viewers.

The time limit on decisions caused blood pressure levels to rise:

And for some the sprawling web of plot was just too much.

There were viewers relieved they had to contend with such stress levels while being able to down mulled wine…

While others turned to more light-hearted material:

But for many the stress was too much as they repeatedly messed up protagonist Stefan’s life.

And by and large they resorted to what they know best: shouty tweets…

Set in 1984, Bandersnatch tells the tale of a hopeful computer programmer who wants to adapt a fantasy novel into a video game – and puts viewers in control of picking the outcome of the story.

The feature-length special takes viewers on average 90 minutes to watch, but this time can be reduced to a speedy 40 minutes if you avoid having any do-overs.

Speaking about the ambitious project to Wired, Brooker explained, “It’s a bit like making a giant patchwork quilt. It’s the only thing I’ve ever worked on where the story treatment crashed.”


Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is streaming on Netflix now

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