Is Apollo 11 movie on Netflix? How to watch real footage of the Nasa Moon Landing film

How to watch the Apollo 11 movie in the UK on streaming and in cinemas - plus whether it's on Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu

Apollo 11

The Apollo 11 movie documentary uses real footage from the moon landing in 1969 to show what it was like for the astronauts.


The movie was directed by Todd Douglas Miller, who produced it along with Thomas Petersen and Evan Krauss, and was released in cinemas on Wednesday 26 June 2019, ahead of the Moon Landing celebrations marking 50 years since the mission.

What’s Apollo 11 about?

Director Miller’s production team worked with NASA and the National Archives and Records Administration to collate footage for the movie back in 2017. During their search they found 70 mm footage from the launch and recovery of Apollo 11 that had never been seen before. The footage also covered the entire mission giving us our first look at some of the unseen moments. There was also more conventional footage from 35 and 16 mm film.

Miller and his team converted the footage into digital format, which then made the Apollo 11 movie. The team sifted through 11,000 hours of audio recordings and hundreds of hours of video.

Apollo 11 doesn’t have any voice-over narration or any new interviews it lets the original scenes speak for themselves – including the interviews from the time.

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How to watch Apollo 11 online and on DVD

Buzz Aldrin in real footage from Apollo 11
Apollo 11/Universal

Is Apollo 11 on Netflix?

Apollo 11 is indeed on Netflix.

Is Apollo 11 on Amazon Prime?

Yes, Apollo 11 is available to pre-order to stream on Amazon Video in the UK. It’s already available in the US.

Can I buy Apollo 11 on DVD?

Yes, you can already buy Apollo 11 on DVD and Blu-Ray.

Apollo 11 reviews

The movie was well received by critics and has scored well on Rotten Tomatoes, with many viewers saying it gave them a new perspective on the mission and made them feel like they were living it.


What else can I watch?

There’s also the Apollo 11: Landing the Eagle programme which has modern interviews with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin about what it was really like to fly the mission. You can get it on DVD and Blu-Ray, as well as the 50th anniversary special edition.