The magic is revealed in new footage for Mary Poppins Returns

From dolphins at bath time to levitating people – the reboot starring Emily Blunt looks set to be as supercalifragilisticexpialidocious as ever

Mary Poppins Returns (trailer screenshot, EH)

New footage of Mary Poppins Returns has been unveiled – meaning there’s more magic to feast our eyes on.


The reboot, which stars Emily Blunt as the beloved nanny, is set in London 25 years after the events of the first film, and features Emily Mortimer and Ben Whishaw as the original Banks children, Jane and Michael.

After Michael and his three children suffer a loss, Mary Poppins comes to the rescue, umbrella in hand.

The new clip offers a sneak peek of Mary Poppins back to her old tricks: from dolphins in the bath to levitating people and the return of that famous bottomless bag.

In the special look, we see Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda as a street lamp lighter named Jack and catch a glimpse of Colin Firth as president of Fidelity Fiduciary Bank William Weatherall Wilkins, Meryl Streep as Poppins’ cousin Topsy and Julie Walters as Ellen the housekeeper. And yes, that really is 92-year-old Dick Van Dyke playing the son of the bank manager he portrayed in the original film.

The new footage also teases brand new music for the sequel, with Blunt taking the lead in the song Can You Imagine That?


Mary Poppins Returns hits UK cinemas on 21st December