The best sci-fi series on Netflix

From Doctor Who to Stranger Things, here are our favourite science fiction programmes to binge


From Stranger Things to Star Trek to Doctor Who to Black Mirror to a whole pile of Marvel TV series, Netflix isn’t short of a few adventures in space and time.


Check out the best sci-fi series available on Netflix right now – and if you want a slightly wider selection, read our guide to the best box sets to watch on Netflix UK.

Updated 8th September 2017

Black Mirror

With each episode of Black Mirror, Charlie Brooker creates a unique dystopian universe, which, eerily, is never too distant from our own. One minute, a foul-mouthed cartoon celebrity is running for president (ring any bells?), the next people are vying against one another for Uber-like ratings on social media which have major real-life consequences.

The show smartly touches upon our anxieties about the future of society, blending dark humour, drama and psychological thrills into hour-long vignettes. You won’t be able to look away.

Star Trek: The Next Generation

The series that launched Sir Patrick Stewart’s transformation from “an unknown British Shakespearean actor” into the global superstar that he is today. Star Trek: The Next Generation is held as dearly as the original series by the die hard fans, and offers more than double the amount of episodes, accommodating a long and fruitful binge.


The presence of Lost’s Naveen Andrews (Sayid) is a minor clue into the intricacies of Sense8, another sprawling sci-fi piece from the minds of The Wachowskis (The Matrix series, Jupiter Ascending). It follows a group of eight strangers from different corners of the globe who are connected by shared prophetic visions, known as Sensates. What follows is a tailspin of sex, acrobatic fight scenes and endless intrigue – all sadly cancelled after two seasons.


Doctor Who

Now is as good a time as any to explore the NuWho back catalogue, with eight seasons of adventures through space and time loaded up and ready to go, featuring a pre-The Crown Matt Smith, David Tennant and the current Time Lord, Peter Capaldi.