Meet the cast of A Series of Unfortunate Events

Everything you need to know about the cast and characters of Netflix’s fiendish Lemony Snicket TV adaptation

K. Todd Freeman – Mr. Poe


Mr. Poe is the bearer of bad news about the children’s newly orphaned status. The banker at Mulctuary Money Management deals with the Baudelaires’ estate. Although he means well, he falls for Count Olaf’s trickery time and time again, endangering Violet, Klaus, and Sunny in the process.


K. Todd Freeman says, “He is the most well-intentioned and ineffectual person on the planet. Everything he does, for the most part, ends up wrong.”

Where do I recognise him from?

K. Todd Freeman has several television series under his belt, including Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The American actor also played police officer Jeremy Polk in The Dark Knight alongside Heath Ledger’s Joker.

Patrick Warburton – Lemony Snicket (The Narrator)


A few minutes into A Series of Unfortunate Events, narrator Lemony Snicket tells us to turn back before it’s too late, “This story will be dreadful, melancholy, and calamitous,” he warns. Our less than enthusiastic narrator threads the scenes together and is there to commentate every step of the way, joining us on a journey of darkness, disaster, and destruction. 

“Our Lemony Snicket appears throughout all the episodes, telling the story from the future,” Sonnenfeld says. “He’s in the frame with the characters, but he’s telling the story not from when this event is happening. I think it’s a really special way of doing it.”

Where do I recognise him from?


If you don’t recognise Patrick Warburton from shows such as Seinfeld and Rules of Engagement, you might be able to identify his voice. He’s lent his vocals to a variety of outlets: television (as character Joe Swanson in Family Guy), video games, and advertisements. He worked with Sonnenfeld on the series The Tick and the film Men in Black II.