11 burning questions we have after watching Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them

JK Rowling has created a whole new Department of Mysteries - and we want to solve them all...




Harry Potter spin-off Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them has finally arrived in cinemas, opening up a whole new world of magic and mystery for us to dissect and theorise about.

The film has left us with more questions about the wizarding world than ever before, so here are just a selection of them…

1. What happened to the real Percival Graves?

The Director of Magical Security and the head of MACUSA’s Department of Magical Law Enforcement wasn’t just Grindelwad in disguise, was he? Surely a man in such a position of power must have existed?


That’s what everyone is wondering when it comes to Colin Farrell’s Graves. We know that a Gondolphus Graves was one of MACUSA’s original 12 aurors, so it wouldn’t be a surprise to see his ancestors working high up in America’s answer to the Ministry of Magic.

There’s absolutely no way Grindelwald would have had time to be in two places at once for long enough to build a magical career on both sides of the Atlantic, so surely he must have done a Barty Crouch, locking Graves away somewhere and stealing his identity?

Or could Grindelwald have disposed of the real Percival and stepped into his dark-haired shoes? Based on how good Colin Farrell is, we hope its the former and that’s not the last we’ve seen of Graves.

2. Who were Credence Barebone’s parents?

Not long before the aurors pull their wands on Credence Barebone, both Newt and Grindelwald/Graves say he must be a mightily powerful wizard to have survived the effects of the Obscurus well into his teenage years. Newt comments that the last Obscurial he met was 8 years old – Credence is clearly well past that age.


So that begs the question – who are his real parents? Were they exceptionally powerful wizards, too?

3. Is Credence gone for good?

He seemed to disappear in an explosion of light when the aurors turned their wands on him, but Newt spotted the tiniest sliver of what looked like his Obscurial form slithering away from the site of his destruction.

Could Credence do something similar to Voldemort and return to corporeal form in later films?


David Yates did tell The Leaky Cauldron that he would become a “pivotal” character as the franchise moves forward.“Going forward, in the next script, Modesty is not in the next story. Credence, we follow Credence further. He becomes quite pivotal actually, Credence is quite crucial.”