All the Lost Boys from Hook reunited for a nostalgic photoshoot 25 years on



Remember childhood fantasy film Hook? Well, Steven Spielberg’s flick starring the late Robin Williams is 25 years old this year. 


We know. We don’t know how that happened either. 

To celebrate(/commiserate the terrifying passing of time) production company 22 Vision have rounded up the Lost Boys for a reunion photo shoot and the result is a nostalgia fest. 

Dante Basco, Raushan Hammond, Isaiah Robinson, Bryan and Brett Willis, Bo Gheorghe, Ahmad Stoner and Ryan Francis have all come back – and they’ve all got in costume and recreated the exact same poses they did in the film when it first came out in 1991.


You can see more photos on 22 Vision’s official Facebook page


And if you ever wondered what happened to the Lost Boys, this video provides a very handy round-up…