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YouTube removes teaser for horror film The Nun for being too shocking

The six-second advert gave viewers a nasty shock

Published: Wednesday, 15th August 2018 at 11:14 am

Streaming platform YouTube has removed an advert for horror film The Nun, which played as a teaser before other videos on the site. The reason? Because the six-second clip has been deemed simply too shocking.


The advert displayed a typical video player volume icon which seemingly moved sound levels up, before quickly dropping them all the way down. This prompted some users to turn up their volume at which point a demented nun suddenly appeared on screen, screeching at viewers.

You can see the video here, but beware: as is the nature of jump scares, even if you know it’s coming you might still feel a jolt, so do not watch if you are of a sensitive disposition or if such things may cause you anxiety.

The advert was highlighted by one Twitter user, warning those with “anxiety" or people who "straight up hate jumpscares” to look away . They also asked users to retweet to “save a life”.

After the tweet was widely shared across the site, YouTube responded, saying that they had removed the teaser, noting “this ad violates our shocking content policy”.

As the site states in their ad policies, YouTube may remove “promotions that are likely to shock or scare”.

The Nun, the fifth instalment in The Conjuring series, is set in 1952 and follows a Catholic priest and a novice sent from the Vatican to investigate a mysterious death at the Cârța Monastery.

And there's every reason to think the film might do better than expected at the box office. Although its advert was banned from YouTube, the subsequent news coverage is likely to act as an effective marketing tool itself.


The Nun opens on 7th September in the UK and the US

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