You can finally watch Chris Hemsworth’s hilarious Thor mockumentary

Thor might not be hearing back from Tony Stark or Captain America, but he's got a new roommate called Darryl and he's very happy about it


What happens when Thor gets an ‘everyday average’ roommate called Darryl? You get a blooming good mockumentary, that’s what.


The cheeky Marvel video was first shown at Comic Con earlier this year and – finally – we’re all getting a chance to see it.

With echoes of early The Office episodes, the clip sees Thor (Chris Hemsworth) enthusiastically guiding us around his new digs, which includes a handy little draw for his hammer to sleep in and a neat place to cook up some meat in the sun. Sure it’s covered in flies and totally not safe for consumption, but he’s happy.

Well, he’d be more happy if he was hearing from Tony Stark and Captain America. So he gets his new pal Darryl to write an electronic mail thingy. Then he pops into a school to try and spread some wisdom as well as meeting his pal Bruce Banner to have a coffee and chat about their friends and fashion, you know, like average everyday folk do.

If someone isn’t working on this as a full series, it’s an opportunity well and truly missed…


Thor: Ragnarok is slated for release on October 27, 2017