Since the first Magic Mike movie was released back in 2012, it's spawned something of an unlikely franchise – with a hit sequel, a live-stage show, and a short-lived reality TV show all having been launched in the following decade.


Now the third entry in the trilogy – titled Magic Mike's Last Dance – arrives in UK cinemas this weekend, with Channing Tatum reprising the lead role of male stripper Mike Lane and Steven Soderbergh back behind the camera having sat out the previous film.

This time, Mike heads to London for a new opportunity after Salma Hayek's wealthy socialite persuades him with an offer he can't refuse – but will this mark the end of the series or is there still more to come?

Read on for everything you need to know.

Will there be a Magic Mike 4?

For now, it looks like this will be the final part of the main Magic Mike series – but Steven Soderbergh has gone on record to state he would like to continue the franchise in other ways, by turning his attention to other characters.

“I think there are other things to be done within what I consider now to be a larger Magic Mike universe," he told Variety in 2022.

“There are stories that can be told that have the same sort of ethos and are tackling the same subjects that still involve dance but don’t have [Tatum's character] Mike Lane in them.”

Quite what those stories will involve – and whether cast members from previous Magic Mike movies will feature – remains to be seen at this stage, but we'll keep you updated with all the latest developments as and when we get them.

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Tatum has previously joked that he'd like to come back for one more movie at some point – although fans might have to wait another few decades for this particular idea.

"The only one I said I'd actually do — before we decided on this version — was the Grumpy Old Men version when we're like 70," he told People last year. "When we're 70, I want to get the team back together, for sure."

Magic Mike's Last Dance is released in cinemas from Friday 10th February 2023. Check out what else is on with our TV Guide, or visit our Movies hub for more news and features.


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