Why you will never be Spider-Man – according to science

Being able to crawl up and down walls like a spider isn't as realistic as it sounds. Who knew?


Sorry to break it to you folks: no matter how much you try, you almost certainly won’t be able to crawl up walls like Spider-Man.


In a recent study, scientists from the University of Cambridge have explained how geckos are the “size limit” for animals that can stick to and walk on walls.

According to EurekAlert, In order for humans to pull off Spider-Man-style feats, we would need to have 40% of our body surface, which is about 80% of our front, covered in sticky footpads.

“If a human, for example, wanted to walk up a wall the way a gecko does, we’d need impractically large sticky feet – our shoes would need to be a European size 145 or a US size 114,” says Cambridge zoologist Dr Walter Federle.


Ah well. Perhaps there’s still hope that we could invent a way to sling webs from our wrists.