Who should play Winston Smith in 1984?

British director Paul Greengrass is bringing George Orwell's novel to cinemas - and there are plenty of actors on our wishlist to play the lead role...

Paul Greengrass is adapting George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984 for the silver screen. The Bourne director will re-team with his Captain Phillips producer Scott Rudin to bring to cinemas the story of Winston Smith who lives in a world of perpetual war and relentless state surveillance, overseen by enigmatic dictator Big Brother (a phrase nowadays more closely associated with a certain Channel 5 reality series).


The script will be penned by James Graham who wrote the book for the Finding Neverland musical but casting details are yet to be announced. Which got us thinking… with the current bevy of British male talent on our screens, who do we want to see playing Winston?


We drew up a list of names – and now we want your thoughts. Vote below, or if your favourite actor’s missing…