Who is Star Wars Episode VIII newcomer Kelly Marie Tran?

She once dressed up as Boba Fett for a role, has a background in comedy and can even sing...


Among the returning stars and high-profile new recruits to Star Wars: Episode VIII, there’s one name most fans won’t yet recognise.


Cast in a currently undisclosed role, Kelly Marie Tran is a newcomer whose acting CV stretches back just a few years and is mostly restricted to one-off TV show cameos.

If you’re a fan of CollegeHumor, though, you might just recognise Kelly from her numerous contributions to their online comedy skits and parodies, including here in Philosophical Truth or Dare…

Kelly is also one of the two stars of YouTube comedy series Ladies Like Us, “about two young female comediennes, Kristina & Kelly, dealing with the adventures of life, love, & career in Los Angeles while being in an all girl empowered improv troupe, Ladies Like Tea.”

And it turns out she even has some minor Star Wars credentials, too…

In an early role in the questionably titled 2011 film Hot Girls on the Beach, Kelly plays a character credited as ‘Boba Chick’, which our research suggests is – yep, you guessed it – a girl dressed as Boba Fett.

The temptation to hope that her latest character is related to everyone’s favourite bounty hunter is strong with this one but either way, it’s good to know Kelly has some previous when it comes to the galaxy far, far away.

But that’s not all. These Star Wars newcomers tend to be a multi-talented bunch – when Daisy Ridley’s name first surfaced ahead of her official casting as Rey, we dug out this YouTube video that shows she can sing a bit too, and we all know John Boyega has got some serious dance moves.


So it should come as no surprise to discover that Kelly appears to boast some pretty decent vocals as well – at least based on what we believe are three tracks posted some years ago on her own YouTube channel – suggesting she’d be equally at home fronting the Cantina Band…