Netflix has one final trick up its sleeve before the year is out, with Will Smith-fronted action flick Bright set to drop in the lead-up to Christmas – and it may well be their biggest film release of the year.


The movie, directed by Suicide Squad director and Training Day writer David Ayers, follows the story of two LAPD officers – Smith, a human and Joel Edgerton, an orc – who form an unlikely partnership to keep the city safe from a growing underground crime ring.

By the looks of the trailer, it will take on US race relations via the, at first glance, kind of clunky metaphor of Smith and his partner being of differing species. Check it out below.

It does, however, look like a lot of fun. Let's hope it skews closer to Training Day than Suicide Squad...

When is Bright released on Netflix?

Netflix subscribers across the globe will be able to stream Bright via their account on Friday 22nd December.

Who is in the cast?

Along with leads Smith and Edgerton, the film also stars Noomi Rapace (Prometheus), Suicide Squad's Ike Barinholtz, Zero Dark Thirty's Edgar Ramirez and Kenneth Choi (The Wolf of Wall Street).

Edgar Ramirez (Netflix, BA)
Edgar Ramirez in Bright

What is it about?


Set in an alternate present day, Bright finds human copper Ward (Smith) and his orc partner Jakoby (Edgerton, heavily made-up in prosthetics) on a seemingly routine night shift in LA which escalates into chaos as the duo attempt to set aside their personal differences and work together to protect a "relic" which could bring about the end of civilisation as they know it.