What’s on at cinemas this week?

Rampage and all of the other big releases reviewed and rated by the Radio Times team


Crashing into cinemas this week is Rampage, where even the mighty Dwayne Johnson is dwarfed by his giant co-stars. Sam Worthington gets an extreme makeover in order to boldy go where no man has gone before in The Titan, while a party game turns deadly in Truth or Dare. And for those who prefer their cinemas to come with a healthy dose of subtitles, we travel to France for tug-of-love drama Custody, to Russia for Dostoevskian fable A Gentle Creature, to Indonesia for satay western Marlina the Murderer in Four Acts and to Bulgaria for a John Ford-infused tale of macho posturing in Western.


An experimental DNA-altering serum falls to Earth from a destroyed space lab in this tepid adventure, causing a big-hearted and friendly albino gorilla called George to morph into a violent monster twice his normal size. As the military moves in to quell the bad-tempered beast… READ FULL REVIEW

Sam Worthington stars here as a soldier recruited into a training programme that evolves humans to adapt to life on Titan, a distant moon orbiting Saturn that has an atmosphere similar to ours. Despite a grand opening, this low-budget sci-fi is a slow, peculiar film… READ FULL REVIEW

No one does heavy-duty domestic drama quite like the French. After a keep-your-wits-about-you opening salvo of background dialogue, the feature debut of director Xavier Legrand (elaborating on the plot of his Oscar-nominated 2013 short Just before Losing Everything) hurls you headlong into…  READ FULL REVIEW

Also released this week:

A malevolent spirit joins in a student game in this schlocky horror in the bloody vein of Final Destination. READ REVIEW

A Russian woman travels to where her husband is in prison, only to find herself in her own personal hell. READ REVIEW

If Sergio Leone had made a feminist revenge western, it might have been a bit like this wry tale from Indonesia. READ REVIEW

German labourers clash with Bulgarian villagers in a film that may be Eastern European in location, but is imbued with the stylings of the Old West. READ REVIEW


Check the listings in your local Odeon, Vue, Cineworld, Picture House, Curzon and Everyman cinemas for details of showings for all this week’s releases.