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The best Irish movies on Netflix

Delve into this impressive catalogue of Irish films – just in time for St Patrick's Day...

It's St Patrick's Day, and what better way to celebrate than by enjoying some of the best Irish films on Netflix. The streaming service has a lot to offer film fans from the archive, so we have collected together some of our favourites for your viewing pleasure...


Sing Street (2016)

In 1980s Dublin, Conor Lawler’s family is falling apart. He’s transferred to a tough new school where he forms a rock band to try and fit in, and win the heart of the mysterious Raphina. Watch on Netflix

In Bruges (2008)

Hit men Ray and Ken are sent to Belgium to hide out after a particularly difficult job. But the plan to lie low fails when they have some surreal and possibly life-changing experiences. Watch on Netflix

The Secret Scripture (2016)

Jim Sheridan’s film follows an elderly woman, who recalls how she ended up in a mental institution. Rooney Mara plays the young Roseanne, who was involved in a love triangle with a pilot and a priest. Watch on Netflix

The Young Offenders (2016)

Bicycle thieves Conor and Jock go on a mission to find drugs that have washed up on a beach. Their adventure is so hilarious that it has already inspired a spin-off TV series of the same name. Watch on Netflix

Handsome Devil (2017)

Ned Roche takes pride in being the outsider at his rugby-obsessed boarding school, but when newcomer and star rugby player Conor arrives, the pair strike up an unlikely friendship. Watch on Netflix

The Siege of Jadotville (2016)

This film is based on a true story about a group of Irish soldiers on a UN peacekeeping mission. The soldiers are besieged by overwhelming enemy forces while serving in the Congo. Watch on Netflix

Evelyn (2002)

Evelyn Doyle and her brothers are taken into care when their mother abandons the family. Her father fights the Irish courts for the right to raise his children as a single parent. Watch on Netflix

The Magdalene Sisters (2002)

This harrowing tale of three pregnant teenagers who are sent to a home for "fallen women" offers a heartbreaking glimpse at life in Ireland's Magdalene laundries in the 1960s. Watch on Netflix

Hunger (2008)

Michael Fassbender plays Republican hunger striker Bobby Sands in this real-life prison tale. Set in 1980s Northern Ireland, it tells one of the most famous stories of the Troubles. Watch on Netflix

Gold (2014)

Ray gets a nasty shock when he returns home after ten years to find his ex-wife and daughter are living with his former PE teacher, who he really didn't get along with at all. Watch on Netflix

Ondine (2009)

A fisherman’s life is changed forever when he catches a mysterious woman in his nets. His daughter genuinely believes the woman is a magical creature but is there more to the tale? Watch on Netflix


Calvary (2014)

Brendan Gleeson stars as a priest who receives a death threat from one of his parishioners. He must attempt to go about his daily life while trying to figure out who wants to kill him. Watch on Netflix


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