“What just happened?” Viewers shocked as La La Land mistakenly receives Best Picture Oscar instead of Moonlight

There was a very, very unfortunate mix-up over the most important Oscar of the night


With the Oscars ceremony wrapping up and La La Land getting its seventh and final award, it looked like an end to a predictable year – until WAIT! Unbelievably, presenters Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway had given the Oscar to the wrong film. Basically the worst possible thing you could do.


There was mass confusion as Moonlight was revealed to be the correct winner, and not just on the stage as Jimmy Kimmel looked somber and assured everybody that this was not a joke or a prank. Viewers were perplexed: WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!

Though lots of people were excited for Moonlight, there were also mixed emotions as film fans felt terrible for La La Land. After all, the team had already begun their acceptance speeches.

But it’s also pretty unfortunate for Moonlight, too.


Looks like Steve Harvey, who has gone down in awards show history for reading out the wrong result for Miss Universe, now has strong competition…