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What if every film and TV show ended with a Dire Straits song?

From Jurassic Park to Friends, adding The Walk of Life song makes the ending so much better...

Published: Monday, 14th March 2016 at 11:30 am

TV show and film endings are just better when Dire Straits song Walk of Life is played during the final scene. It's not exactly a scientific fact, but it's pretty close.


Video editor Peter Salamone re-worked dozens of iconic movies and TV show endings for The Walk of Life Project, to see whether this tune could fit into any endings.

It's amazing how well it works in all kinds of famous on-screen moments, from Jurassic Park to Mad Max Fury Road to the emotional closing moments of Friends, regardless of theme, genre or events.

Whether you know the song or not, these are really worth a watch...


Jurassic Park

The Dark Knight Rises

Star Wars: A New Hope


Dr Strangelove is so well-timed it's actually scary.


Watch them all at The Walk of Life Project


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