What do you make of Keira Knightley’s impression of Benedict Cumberbatch?

Alan Turing broke the Enigma code and built our earliest computers - so we tested the cast of The Imitation Game using times tables and anagrams

Alan Turing’s mighty intellect is the story of The Imitation Game. Not only did the mathematician and codebreaker help build our earliest computers, he also headed up the team at Bletchley Park responsible for cracking the German Enigma code, essentially winning us the Second World War. And yet we know very little about him. 


Well, that’s all about to change with Benedict Cumberbatch’s Oscar-tipped portrayal opposite Keira Knightley, Allen Leech, Charles Dance, Mark Strong, Matthew Beard and more. 

But are the cast of The Imitation Game any good at saying their times tables and solving anagrams? We put their brains to the test and – most importantly – tested their imitations of one another. But does Keira do a good Benedict? That is the question… 

The Imitation Game is released in UK cinemas on 14th November. Read our review here


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