What do these new wand designs tell us about Harry Potter and the Cursed Child?

JK Rowling has shared sketches of Harry, Hermione, Ron, Draco and Ginny's wands from the forthcoming stage play - and there a some interesting conclusions we can draw...


JK Rowling has been hanging around rehearsals for Harry Potter play The Cursed Child, and shared some sketches of the main characters’ prospective wands.


They’re interesting in themselves of course, but given that the play takes place after the novels there are perhaps a few conclusions we can draw about what happened next…

It looks like Hermione has been reunited with her gnarly vine wood wand – either that or she’s been chosen by another similar looking wand, made of the same material. Hermione lost the original to Snatchers at the Ministry of Magic and was forced to use Bellatrix Lestrange’s wand which Harry stole when they escaped from Malfoy Manor. Hermione hated the evil thing, so if she didn’t get her first wand back, it’s no surprise to see that she’s ditched Bellatrix’s and gone for something much more suitable.

Ron lost his first wand – willow with a core of unicorn tail hair – at the same time as Hermione and grabbed Peter Pettigrew’s on his way out of the Manor. Pettigrew’s was made of chestnut like the one above so it looks as if Ron may still be using it.

Harry looks to be wielding the trusty holly wand (with a phoenix feather core) with which he started his magical career. It was broken by a ricocheting curse but he eventually repaired it using the Elder wand. While it was out of commission, Harry made do with a blackthorn wand and subsequently Draco Malfoy’s hawthorn, which he won from him in a duel at Malfoy Manor. Speaking of which…

…it looks as if Harry may have returned Draco’s wand – certainly, he appears to be using a very similar looking hawthorn model again – so perhaps the two are now friends.


And Ginny still has her original spiral handled yew wood wand. It’s served her well over the years, so why change?