We’re going to have to wait a bit longer for Star Wars Episode VIII

The next chapter of Star Wars has been delayed. Sorry


Are you sitting down? OK, take a deep breath, because we have some bad news: Star Wars Episode VIII has been delayed… by seven months.


The follow-up to The Force Awakens has been pushed back from summer 2017 to 15th December 2017, so if you were already blocking out some time in your calendar, then it’s time to whip out the Tipp-Ex.

The news was confirmed by Disney and Lucasfilm, citing the “extraordinary success” of The Force Awakens at the box office, despite it being “outside the traditional summer blockbuster window”.

It makes sense really: the ‘anthology film’ Star Wars: Rogue One is also set to be released in December this year, just like Force Awakens.

In other words, Star Wars can continue to be your favourite Christmas movie for years to come.


In any case, fans need not be too downhearted: the fifth Pirates of the Caribbean film has been moved to Episode VIII’s original 26th May debut instead, and we’re sure everybody’s just as excited to see that. Right? Right?