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We don’t need a third Sex and the City film

We’ve seen how it ends. Carrie is with Big and it should be left at that, says Emma Daly logo
Published: Wednesday, 8th January 2014 at 1:37 pm

Actress Sarah Jessica Parker has revealed that a third Sex and the City film could be on the way. But before you go grabbing the cocktail shaker, a third Sex and the City film isn’t needed, for one simple reason: Carrie and Big are together.


That’s what we waited years for. Watched countless hours of their on-off relationship go right, go wrong, go right again… isn’t enough, enough?

Arguably Carrie and Big finally getting their act together is also why we didn’t need a first and second film. The hit US series, after a six-year run, had a nice bow on it.

But the first film, which arrived in 2008, at least gave us a wedding (two, almost). It was finalised with a proposal involving a very expensive shoe. Perfect. The second attempt two years later – well, it was about as useful as this third one will be.

After all, there’s not a cat in hell’s chance a third movie would come along and strip the SATC story of a Big and Carrie happy ending.

Unless they kill Big off, Bridget Jones/Mark Darcy style. Maybe he could drown in Carrie’s wardrobe or something.

Can we bothered with the tears again, though? There were enough of them in the first film, after Carrie was left at the altar. With a bird on her head. And poor Charlotte (Kristin Davis) can’t be relied on to poop her pants for comic relief every time Carrie takes to her bed and cries for weeks on end now can she?

Carrie and Big got over the whole jilting thing in the first film, Carrie kissed her ex-boyfriend Aiden while in Abu Dhabi in the second. But, as ever, Carrie and Big came back together. That’s done. Line under it, please?

But Sarah Jessica Parker, who plays the fashion-loving journalist Carrie Bradshaw, has told InStyle magazine there’s “one last chapter to tell”.

What will this one be? Carrie and Big start a family while Samantha goes on about all the outrageous sex she’s having? Carrie sobs as her feet swell up and she can’t wear her Manolos…


What do you think? Should there be a third SATC film? Let us know in the comment section below…


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