Transformers’ Michael Bay is making a movie about a Trump-like dystopia

And it’s described as “fun”


As the ongoing push-and-pull between US President Donald Trump and works of popular fiction continues, another film project is in the works that has some crossover with his administration – Little America, a futuristic action movie produced by Michael Bay that centres on the US after its collapse at the hands of an incompetent leader.


According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film (written and to be directed by British filmmaker Rowan Athale) imagines a world where “a Donald Trump-like president has bankrupted America and China has called in its debts,” resulting in the Asian giant having ownership of the US and many American citizens emigrating there for work.

Against this backdrop, the movie will follow the story of a former Air Force Recon member hired by a Chinese bigwig to rescue his daughter from an American ghetto, with the film said to be in the tone of 1981 John Carpenter classic Escape from New York.

Still, not to worry – the buzzword for this particular project is apparently “sci-fun” rather than “sci-fi,” so it’ll probably just be a lighthearted look at the decline of Western civilisation. Goodo.


Bay will produce with his partners Andrew Form and Brad Fuller, and coincidentally it’s not the first time they’ve produced a dystopian movie with connections to Donald Trump – Bay and co helped bring The Purge horror movies to screen before the President adopted one of the latest movies’ slogans as one of his own. Free marketing, we guess…