Trainspotting 2 to begin filming next month confirms Robert Carlyle

The Scottish actor says the narrative for Danny Boyle's sequel is "stronger than it was in the original"


The much-anticipated sequel to Trainspotting will begin shooting next month, star Robert Carlyle has revealed.


Carlyle, who will return as the infamous Begbie, said the new script is “absolutely fantastic” and better than the first film’s.

The actor made the comments while speaking alongside the original book’s author Irivine Welsh in Edinburgh, at an event marking 20 years since the first movie.

“We start shooting, I understand, in the middle of May and I think it’s going to be pretty much 50-50 between Edinburgh and Glasgow,” said Carlyle.

Ewan McGregor, Ewen Bremner, Johnny Lee Miller and director Danny Boyle are also all officially on board for the follow-up the 1996 classic.

“What I will say is that all the characters are exactly where you would want them to be,” said Carlyle. “The strength of the new script is the fact that the narrative is a bit stronger than it was in the original.

“In the first one, when you think about it, it’s hard to remember what they did other than get together, the drug deal at the end, and then it’s over.

“This has maybe got a wee bit more to it in terms of what they’ve been up to through the years.”

The sequel will be loosely based on Welsh’s novel Porno, which is set ten years after Trainspotting and sees the characters cross paths again, but with the pornography business rather than heroin use as the backdrop.

Jon Hodge, who wrote the original screenplay, has also adapted the new script.


“I think it’s a wonderful script,” Carlyle said. “John Hodge has done a wonderful job, as he did with the original.”