Fans of Top Gun have had to wait 36 years for a sequel to the beloved action film, but Top Gun: Maverick finally arrives in cinemas this week – and it's proven to be very much worth the wait.


In fact, the film is such a triumph that some fans might be wondering if any further sequels are planned, and so with that in mind, asked several of the new cast members if they'd be up for reprising their roles at some point in the future.

Will there be a Top Gun 3?

"Well, I think that's up to Tom [Cruise]," Rooster actor Miles Teller responded when asked about the possibility of any more instalments. "But I mean, yeah, if somebody presents an idea to him, and he thinks it's worthy, and he wants me to continue playing this character – then yeah, I would love to."

Meanwhile, Jay Ellis had his own idea for a new direction in which to take the franchise.

"We talked about Top Gun: Payback earlier," he joked, referring to his own character in the film – with Greg Tarzan Davis, who plays Coyote, adding: "Yeah, that didn't get greenlit."

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Jay Ellis as Lieutenant Reuben 'Payback' Fitch in Top Gun: Maverick

"We talked about like a road trip comedy too," Fanboy star Danny Ramirez added, before explaining why making another sequel might actually present too much of a challenge.

"I think so much about Top Gun: Maverick was, even in the flight sequences, you see the limits being pushed, and they get more intense," he said.

"And by the end, it's like some Top Gun pilots have never even flown something like this in real life. In regards to what we're telling narratively, it's like where does it go from there?

"Like, it's gotta continue the progression of pushing the limit, and that's where it feels tough to even think of what that could be. But if there was a universe, I'm down!"


Top Gun: Maverick is released in cinemas on 25th May 2022. Visit our Movies hub for more news and features or find something to watch tonight with our TV Guide.
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