Tomb Raider sequel is happening with Alicia Vikander back as Lara Croft

Based on the video game, the second film instalment will be directed by British director Ben Wheatley

Tomb Raider

Oscar-winner Alicia Vikander will reprise her role as the action hero Lara Croft, despite lukewarm reviews for last year’s Tomb Raider.


British filmmaker Ben Wheatley is set to helm the as-yet untitled sequel, which will begin production next year and which is slated for a release date of 19th March 2021.

Inspired by the video games, Tomb Raider served as an origins story for the treasure-hunting Croft, the daughter of a wealthy businessman who has been missing for years, and who sets out to investigate a shadowy organisation, Trinity, which her father was tracking before his death.

The end of Tomb Raider also hinted that extended members of the Croft family business empire could also be involved in dealings with Trinity, but it’s not yet known whether the film sequel will follow up on this plot-line.


Angeline Jolie previously played the role of video game heroine Lara in the 2001 film Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and its 2003 sequel.