Fans react to new Tomb Raider movie poster featuring Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft

The Swedish actor is taking over the action role from Angelina Jolie


Big screen Lara Croft has a brand new look. Far from Angelina Jolie’s skin-tight lycra, the newly-released poster for the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot shows Alicia Vikander as a far more functional archaeologist-adventurer. No dual pistols. No pouting lips. The new beat-up Croft is simply equipped with everyday clothes, a climbing axe and a very determined look on her face.


As well as revealing the film’s release date (March 2018), the moody poster has given fans hope the Tomb Raider video game series will finally translate into a gritty and critically-appraised film.

Although some feel it could have stayed more faithful to its video game source material…

And many are wondering if the poster possibly elongates Vikander’s neck a little too much…

But we’re still excited to catch the new Tomb Raider trailer, out tomorrow.


Tomb Raider will be released in March 2018