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Tom Holland explains why he failed his Star Wars audition

The Spider-Man star admitted it wasn't his "best moment".


Tom Holland already stars in one of Disney‘s most beloved franchises, but it turns out the actor might’ve had the opportunity to be in another one too – had he not botched his audition.


Holland, who plays Spider-Man in the sprawling MCU, revealed what went wrong in an interview with Backstage after he was asked if he had any audition horror stories.

“I remember my audition for Star Wars, I was like four or five auditions in, and I think I was auditioning for John Boyega’s role,” he told Backstage. “I remember doing this scene with this lady, bless her, and she was just a drone.

“So I was doing all of this, like, ‘We gotta get back to the ship!’ And she was going, ‘Bleep, bloop bloop, bleep bloop.’ I just couldn’t stop laughing. I found it so funny. And I felt really bad, because she was trying really hard to be a convincing android or drone or whatever they’re called. Yeah, I obviously didn’t get the part. That wasn’t my best moment.”

Though he ultimately didn’t get the part, it’s obvious his career hasn’t suffered for it. He is set to reprise the role of Peter Parker for Marvel’s upcoming Spider-Man 3, which has created quite the stir after it was rumoured it would bring together Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield’s incarnations of the nerdy superhero.

Plus, with so many Star Wars movies and TV shows in the works, it wouldn’t be surprising if the actor were to find his way to a galaxy far, far away in the future if droids are not involved.


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