Tom Hanks and Ellen DeGeneres do impromptu Woody and Dory scene

Toy Story and Finding Nemo collide as the two Disney voice artists perform a skit together


Tom Hanks dropped by for a chat about Toy Story 4 with Finding Dory star Ellen DeGeneres and the whole thing turned into a bit of a ‘Pixar off’ as they did an impromptu scene together.


How land-based Woody is even speaking to the underwater Dory is a question for another time, as you can’t help but grin as the cowboy gets increasingly frustrated by the fact that the forgetful fish is trying to help him find his hat but keeps forgetting what she’s doing.

Disney Pixar often hide characters from one film in another, but perhaps they should be thinking about a whole Avengers-style ensemble cast?

Although, the duo both admit that voice acting isn’t as easy as one might think. Hanks says he has to be constantly ‘clenched’ to play Woody and DeGeneres has to always be out of breath.


Hanks is currently working on Toy Story 4 while Finding Dory was released earlier this year.