This note from Jim Henson to David Bowie will melt fans’ hearts

The rock star was given a bit of persuasion by Henson to join his film Labyrinth


While David Bowie is best known for his contributions to the world of music, he spent a considerable amount of time on the big screen expanding on his extravagant personas. One of his most famous turns was in Labyrinth, where he starred as the evil, yet sensual, Jareth the Goblin King.


Following the sad news of Bowie’s passing at age 69, fans this week have been sharing a note sent to him by Jim Henson, asking him to be in the film.

Fans shared the photo on social media as a sort of memorial to the late rock star. Users say they had seen the note in museums in Ontario and Berlin.

The note was attached to an earlier draft of the script, which Henson himself claims he needs to work on a bit more. At the end of the short note, Henson says that he’s looking forward to hearing Bowie’s reaction and adds, “You would be wonderful in this film.”


Thankfully, Henson was absolutely right about that.