Who doesn’t love a good evil laugh? That was presumably the thought of videographer Smih Okmn when he first put together this unsettling video, which collects nasty grins and maniacal laughs of all our favourite movie villains for a malevolent LOL-fest the likes of which the world has never seen.


That's Amore - Evil Laughs & Smiles (Re-Edit) from Semih Okmn on Vimeo.

All your favourites are there, from Lord Voldemort’s “Nyeah hehe” and Dr Evil’s mandated group chuckle sesh to Freddy Krueger and John Doe’s cheeky grins (if mass-murderers can be called, you know, cheeky).

Sure, the end result is incredibly creepy and may haunt your dreams for weeks to come, but try to think of it as them all REALLY enjoying a joke you just told (which may yet spare your life) and the whole thing becomes much more manageable.