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This list of the highest-grossing actors throws up a few surprises

Can you guess who the only woman to make the top ten is?

Published: Thursday, 30th June 2016 at 4:10 pm

A new list has been released of the world’s top 50 highest-grossing actors – and it’s not entirely as you’d expect.


In an industry often-criticised for its diversity problem, two of the top three stars – Morgan Freeman and Samuel L Jackson – are black.

Eddie Murphy also comes in at number six, proving actors of colour are just as capable of drawing big audiences as their white counterparts.

Sadly, in other aspects it looks much like business-as-usual, with only one woman, Scarlett Johansson, managing to scrape the top 10.

Cameron Diaz is the only other actress to make an appearance in the male-heavy top 20.

Some of our most celebrated actors are also conspicuously absent from the top of the list, including Leonardo DiCaprio (who came in at number 42), Denzel Washington (number 63), and Jack Nicholson (number 117).

Not a single non-white actress appears in the whole of the top 100, suggesting Hollywood's diversity problems are complex and entrenched.

Most top-ranking actors earned their places through big-budget blockbusters such as Star Wars, The Avengers and The Dark Knight.

Topping the list is Harrison Ford, who has raked in a cool $4.9 billion at the cinema, with Star Wars: the Force Awakens his biggest-grossing film.


You can see the full rundown here.


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