This is when you’ll see Frozen 2 in cinemas

Along with a rather delayed Indiana Jones 5


Crank up the Let It Go remix and grab your Olaf Pop vinyl, because there’s finally a release date for the much-anticipated Frozen sequel – though it’s quite a way off yet.


According to Disney, Frozen 2 is set for a 27th November 2019 release – over two and a half years away from now and a full six years after the original movie graced cinemas (with more or less the same release date).

Still, it’s an appropriately wintry debut that’s sure to introduce a whole new generation of kids to the world’s catchiest song. And hey – at least it’s not the 11-year gap between Toy Story 2 and 3.

Other fan-favourite release date reveals by Disney yesterday include the Wreck-it Ralph sequel (21st November 2018), the live-action Lion King movie (19th July 2019), a Jack in the Beanstalk retelling called Gigantic (25th November 2020) and Star Wars sequel Episode IX, the latter of which has been scheduled in spring rather than its now-expected December slot.

Oh, and there’s also some little film called Indiana Jones 5 that also has a new release date – 10th July 2020 – delayed for around a year due to the busy schedules of director Steven Spielberg and star Harrison Ford.


In other words, your movie-watching for the next few years is already all mapped out, with an assurance that whatever age you are you’ll definitely feel old as new sequels to your childhood favourites continue to crop up at the multiplexes. Thanks Disney!