This is what Dan Stevens looked like in Beauty and the Beast… without the CGI

Beauty and the bloke in the big grey motion capture suit doesn’t have quite the same ring to it


He teamed up with Emma Watson and some of the best CGI artists in the industry to bring us a tale as old as time. Now we can see exactly how Dan Stevens transformed into the Beast in Disney’s live action remake of one of their most beloved animated classics.


A new behind-the-scenes featurette has revealed that the actor really did spend most of his time on stilts in a massive grey body suit, which he described as “an ordeal for my calf muscles alone”.

Stevens acted alongside Watson in the almost Hulk-like ensemble by day before heading into a separate studio in the evenings to capture his facial expressions.

And yes, he really did do that one-armed lift in the ballroom.


We’d legitimately watch this whole film without any CGI now. Just saying.