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This Harry Potter fan theory explains the real reason Kreacher is so grumpy

Justice for the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black One!

Published: Monday, 20th June 2016 at 8:37 am

The contrast between Dobby and Kreacher in the Harry Potter novels couldn’t be more stark.


Dobby absolutely loves his new friends and seems to be an all-round nice elf (which really doesn’t help us in dealing with what happens in book seven, Ms Rowling), while Kreacher is his polar opposite.

The Black family’s House Elf couldn’t show more contempt for Harry and co if he tried, and he’s not awfully fond of Master Sirius either.

Then again, why would he be? Sirius never shows him much kindness either. Even Dumbledore agrees that Harry’s godfather’s lack of compassion for Kreacher has a lot to do with his attitude.

But what if something more sinister was at play in 12 Grimmauld Place?

What if Kreacher’s cantankerous behaviour is beyond his control?

What if that locket had a LOT to do with it?

Allow Redditor kaptinkraker to explain…

(Harry Potter) Why Kreacher the elf is such a prick. from FanTheories


Our minds have been ever so slightly blown.


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