This gross Harry Potter fan theory may have just explained how to make a horcrux

In order to create a proper horcrux, one fan believes you have to do something truly disgusting


Among all of the unanswered questions in the Harry Potter universe, there is one that has always intrigued fans; how exactly do you make a horcrux?


For those that need a refresher, a horcrux is an object in which a dark wizard houses a piece of their soul. The process of creating a horcrux has always remained intentionally vague; we know that it involves a murder, a spell and some unnamed horrific act.

But one fan thinks they have figured out the last step – cannibalism.


Reddit user sirlionel13 believes that in order for a wizard to fully transfer a piece of their soul onto something else, they must consume human flesh and blood.

The idea of the theory is that killing someone with a spell is not enough to bind a part of your soul to theirs, so in order to finish the transfer, you have to eat some of their flesh.


It’s surely a disgusting act, and an intimate one that might help explain why Rowling’s editor puked when she was told about the full process. If the theory is true, then we’re certainly glad we didn’t see it on the big screen!